Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Does if give you warm fuzzies?  Sometimes and sometimes it raises your heart rate.  haha.  Today I'm dealing with the warm fuzzies.  I have started an album to tell the story of my summer 2008.  Yeah! The summer I got to spend in Washington.  Right now mom is visiting my brother who lives in WA and he has been updating our family geneology on  One of the greatest gifts my grandmother gave all the aunts & uncles & cousins was a copy of her geneology book that she had worked on for many years.  It is an awesome book and now is in our own hands to keep updated.  Anyway, my brother has used his as the base of information to update the and already has hundreds of "hits" on our ancestors.  I'm excited that this may lead to meeting more relatives.  If you are interested in doning anything with yoru family history check out

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